Yalla is a celebration of joy at the creative process, a hothouse of original ideas and talent. We work together to form a truly diverse whanau whose cultural roots embrace Asia, South Asia, Africa, Europe, New Zealand and the Pacific. Our values are as individual as our personalities, influenced by philosophies from the secular to Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism yet fully inclusive in our dynamic collaborations. We work in a variety of formats and storytelling styles to provide entertainment, whether it be documentary, drama or comedy. Our kaupapa includes identifying and mentoring new talent to join our workshop of creative minds.

Alex Lee

Alex holds a Masters of Creative & Performing Arts ( MSPA) in Drama Directing with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland and is a practising lawyer and filmmaker. He is the Co- director and Founding Trustee of the Documentary New Zealand Trust. Read more

Marilyn McFadyen

UK born, Kiwi raised, Marilyn has spent much of her adult life between countries, where her lifelong fascination with different people and cultures confirmed in her mind that our dreams and desires overlap much more than our perceived “nationhood” would like us to believe. Read more